How Much Cellulite Is Normal

Babe, I'm sure you've heard it... love yourself and all your flaws. Embrace them as beauty. I get this and totally agree. But as of late Celle Skin has come under a bit of fire saying that there doesn't need to be a solution to cellulite as it's a natural occurrence. Well correct, it is a natural occurrence, but so is acne, dry hair and saggy boobs? All occur in relation to our age, environment, what we put in our bodies and our physical activities.

It's human nature to continually want to improve our wellbeing, our careers and our physical appearance. There is nothing wrong with that. If it increases your confidence, it improves your life and what more could you want?

Having suffered from PCOS my whole life the side effects of hormone fluctuations definitely increased my cellulite along with the common issues of acne, hair and fluctuating weight. One thing that bothered me personally was my cellulite. I know FibreCel™ is not a product for everyone but I hope for the women who have felt like me, it’s something that will help them feel a little more confident.

What one person sees as a problem, another may not and that’s the beauty of being an individual. It's ok not to love every part of your body.

So if your cellulite is a problem for you and when a solution is provided, why not and give it a go? What's the worst that can happen? There's no need to jump on the bandwagon of the latest influencer who put 'Body Positive' in their bio, or feel bad about the fact that its something that your looking for a solution for, I'm sure you can decide whether or not Celle Skin is right for you!

Take care,

Vanessa xx

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