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Having had battled with PCOS my whole life, my body concerns would constantly 'butt' into my life and some days it would be hard to get my butt into gear. I was spending so much time worrying about my body and not living my life as a care free Aussie should!

My mission is to help enhance confidence through the innovation of garments and help my fellow babes with their body woes. It’s a simple as this, when you're no longer worried about your cellulite and skin you have all that time to shake your booty. 

Through my Italian heritage and visiting my homeland I noticed that the bodycare and cellulite treatments they had to offer were nothing like what was available in Australia. I knew I had to bring something to my fellow babes in Australia that actually worked!

Cellulite treatments in the past tended to have a negative stigma here in Australia. So many babes have been let down by companies and magic creams claiming certain results that never work. I set out to change that by developing Celle Skins FibreCel™ technology. The first of it's kind in wearable beauty! Join me and hundreds of babes who have already seen real results and achieved smoother skin!

I ain’t no movie star, I’m a booty star!


aussie owned & designed

made in italy

sizes 6-24