One more Easter egg won't hurt... Seriously, it won't!

Babe, it's that time of year. Long weekend, Easter celebrations, family get togethers and everyones favourite, endless amounts of chocolate. Now if you are like me, I love to indulge, sometimes a little too much... But is that a bad thing?

It's been one hell of a year. I think I deserve to treat myself to a little extra without post bloat guilt. And so should you! You have my permission ;) Not that you need it...

If you do want to indulge and get back on track right away here's a few tips I've put together for you!

  1. Drink lots of water for a good flush of the system
  2. Go for a nice hour long walk, get some fresh air, you'll feel great!
  3. Have a nice light meal and some fruits

Now these may seem basic, but that's the point. Sometimes you don't need to over complicate your life, keep it simple and everything seems easier.

Now go get them! (The eggs that is)

Vanessa xx

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