Why Are Silk Scrunchies Good For Your Hair


Babe. No BS, they will change your life. Hear me out. So, are silk scrunchies good for your hair?

Remember the good old school days when you would get home and take your navy cotton hair tie out and half your hair with it? You'd have to squint to hide the distressing pain. Highly comparable to that of taking off a bandaid that's been left on a bit too long. I think still I have PTSD from this. 

If you are reading this, then you are most likely still experiencing this struggle... in 2021 :( It's okay, I'm still getting my mum to tie my shoelaces.

Hair tie pain

But enough nostalgia. You want to know why you should switch to silk scrunchies. Let me tell you!

  1. Smoother hair! Mhmmmm
  2. Fresher hair thanks to silks anti bacterial properties
  3. 100% Pure Silk - quality material you can trust
  4. No sleep creases - thank god!
  5. They look F&^King amazing!

When you use a silk scrunchie to style your pony or tie your hair up, our SilkCel material is gently wrapped around your hair without pulling at it. The silk easily glides out of your hair when you remove it, meaning when you take your hair out at the end of a long day, you are not having to pull at your hair.

Now if that is enough good reasons why you should make the switch then... idk... Email me and I'll give you another ;)

So babe, what are you waiting for? Go on and get yours here

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