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Hey, hey, your booty is calling!

Unlike the crystal ball healer you visited on holiday in Byron, celle moves your butt into gear with scientifically proven
and tested technology followed by real customer results.

No photoshop, no BS, just facts. 

FibreCel™ is a smart polyamide yarn that works using Far Infrared Technology. This uses body heat to improve the skins well-being, stimulating circulation and blood flow. 

By using bio-ceramic crystals and infused minerals within the fibre we are able to help you achieve your goals of smoother skin and cellulite reduction.

FibreCel™ absorbs the warmth of the human body and returns it to the skin in the form of infrared rays, thus stimulating cutaneous blood circulation.

No more awkward booty massages, no more messy sticky creams just slip on your shorts and let the weave do its magic!